Paladin     \ ‘pa-la-din \ – A defender or advocate of a noble cause.
Accounting and Tax Paladin, LLC is your tax reduction champion!

Our firm specializes in accounting and tax solutions for sole proprietors and small business, offering valuable services at a reasonable cost. We believe ALL businesses, small or large, deserve affordable access to strategic tax planning and accounting services. Our online office ensures clients accurate, efficient, state-of-the-art services at a competitive price from anywhere in the US.  We offer cloud based accounting solutions focusing on tax planning and reducing your tax burden by as much as possible (legally). If you want to lower your tax bill, we have you covered.

The ATP team also brings over 10 years of Total Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma Certification experience to help clients with process development and improvement. With well developed internal controls and sound financial management we help you grow your dream business.

We are in the Cloud, so we are where you are 24/7!